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2020 Henan Province’s First Chinese Billiards Youth Grand Prix ended successfully, 16 provinces and cities gathered together

The 2020 Henan First Chinese Billiards Youth Grand Prix, co-sponsored by Zhengzhou Six-Star Billiards Club, Xinrui Billiards College Henan Branch and Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., ended successfully on the 22nd.


The competition lasts for three days, divided into youth group (under 18 years old) and juvenile group (under 14 years old). The event attracted players from as many as 16 provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government) across the country, including players from Guangdong Province. The youngest is Hu Jiarun from Wuhan, Hubei, only seven years old.

After the qualifiers, double defeats and semi-finals, Zhou Jinhao and Gong Chenzhi competed for the championship of the junior group, and Rong Yi and Geng Ziming reached the final of the youth group. In the junior finals, the two ball gestures that went smoothly before were evenly matched. In the end, Zhou Jinhao narrowly won the championship 11-9. Wang Yuhang defeated Ning Zhe to get the third place in the junior group. The youth finals was the finale. Rong Yi, who entered the finals with three consecutive victories, faced Geng Ziming, who broke through from the defeat, and took the lead in getting multiple match points. Geng Ziming stubbornly pursued, but Rong Yi still stabilized his mind and won 11-7. Jiang Zhimao defeated Zhu Wensheng 9-3 and finished third in the youth group.


Youth ChampionshipRong Yi


Youth Group runner-up Geng Ziming


Junior Champion Zhou Jinhao


Junior Group runner-up Gong Chenzhi

The Xingpai billiard table became the designated table for this competition, and the little players showed their skills on the designated table for the Chinese Billiards World Championships. Xingpai, as the world’s leading company in the billiard industry, has supported the development of Chinese billiards in various ways since its establishment 33 years ago, and has become the cradle for the growth of star players such as Ding Junhui and Pan Xiaoting. The Xingpai teamed up with the Six-Star Billiards Club of Zhengzhou City and the Henan Branch of the Xinrui Billiards College to host a Chinese-style billiards youth competition. It is intended to give more potential players the opportunity to show themselves, improve their abilities, increase their game experience, and help the growth of the next generation of players. .


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