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[Heads-up Season 2 Trial] Yu Longhai beat Li Hewen to win first

The second season of Chinese billiards heads-up match will be played again on the evening of the 20th. Yu Longhai defeated Li Hewen 21-9 and won his first victory.

[Heads-up Season 2 Trial] Yu Longhai beat Li Hewen to win first


Like last night, Yu Longhai once again had a good start, winning 3-0 first. Li Hewen made too many mistakes, and Yu Longhai, who had improved his condition, quickly expanded the points difference to 12-4. Yu Longhai made a mistake in the 17th game, and Li Hewen was lucky to win the game, and then he felt a little recovery and fixed the first half point difference at 6 innings.

In the second half, Yu Longhai played two consecutive rounds, once again gaining an advantage of eight rounds. The subsequent game gradually lost suspense, Yu Longhai became more and more courageous, on the contrary Li Hewen still did not get rid of the trouble of mistakes, many offensive interruptions. At the end of the game, Yu Longhai continued to expand the score and finally won 21-9.

The heads-up season two trials have come to an end. On the evening of the 22nd, the semi-finals of the first quarter of the heads-up was popularly started. Yu Haitao and Zheng Yubo will compete for the first season final ticket in a two-win contest of three games.

Follow the official account of Xingpai Billiards, click “Heads-up” on the homepage to learn more about the event!

Heads-up second season trials still choose the designated table for the Chinese Billiards World Championships. This table created by Xingpai has appeared in the first season of heads-up and the elite tour in recent months, helping the top Chinese billiard players to provide wonderful performances for the majority of fans this summer.


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