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Yan Bingtao: Although he was lost to Trump, the young man still has a bright future!

The main match of the Snooker World Championship will be held on July 31. Players can decide to participate in the competition during a special period, overcome difficulties, and defeat themselves. It is very worthy of recognition and gives the 2020 event a unique meaning.

Twenty-year-old Yan Bingtao is the 16th seed of the World Championships. This is also the first time he has won the seeded lottery of the World Championships. Yan Bingtao is also the third youngest seeded player in the history of Crucible. The two players ahead of him are O’Sullivan and Hendry.

Yan Bingtao: Although he was lost to Trump, the young man still has a bright future!

Yan Bingtao’s 2019-2020 season is wonderful. He won the Riga Masters at the beginning of the season. This is the first ranked championship of his career. At the age of 19, he won the Ranking Tournament. Yan Bingtao became the first contestant to win the Ranking Tournament before the age of 20 after Ding Junhui in 2007. This championship gave Yan Bingtao a lot of confidence and made him a very bright performance throughout the season, ranking in the top 16.

Yan Bingtao became a professional player in 2016 when he was only 16 years old. After winning the Riga Masters this season, his performances in the National Championships, Chinese Championships, English Open, World Open, and Northern Ireland Cup were relatively ordinary, but he reached the top four in the British Championships and finally lost to Ding Junhui. . Later, the Scottish Open and Grand Prix performed well, but the Welsh Open and single limited time tournament reached the semi-finals.

In the Players Championship, Yan Bingtao defeated K-Wilson, Perry and Murphy to advance to the final. Although he lost to Trump, his performance was enough to be proud of. With his excellent performance, Yan Bingtao also won the Tour Championship in which the top eight players in a single season can participate, even though he lost to Selby in the first round.

If Yan Bingtao and Trump can win the first round of the World Championship, the two will meet in the second round. As one of many young Chinese contestants, Yan Bingtao is keen on combat. It can be said that this is the biggest difference from contestants of the same age. Some people think that Yan Bingtao will win a bigger breakthrough in Crusoe in 2020. But the half area he is in is full of difficulties, not only Trump, but also Maguire in excellent form. Even so, it would be foolish to get him out of the game. In fact, his comprehensiveness may be the winning weapon for the long 17-day event.

Unlike most Asian players, Yan Bingtao did not choose to return to China after the Gibraltar match, but stayed in the United Kingdom, along with Liang Wenbo, Chen Feilong and Fan Zhengyi. Yan Bingtao naturally avoided the 14-day quarantine problem in the UK. In addition, he had also participated in the Tour Championship before, which gave him one more opportunity to practice combat than competitors from other Asian regions.

What kind of performance can Yan Bingtao do in the 2020 World Championships? It is exciting!


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