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Wells: Going to Cruzeiro is a dream I have dreamed of since I was young, but it is not my ultimate goal!

Daniel Wells has reached the final round of the World Championship qualifiers for two consecutive years, a total of three times, but he has not yet been able to walk into the coveted Crucible. This year, the Welshman Wells is looking forward to achieving his wish. Fort Russell made his debut.

Wells, who had reached the semi-finals of the Scottish Open, recently returned to professional competition in the Champions League in early June. However, at the age of 31, he was placed in the group of world champion Jared Trump, and he was the last one. The third place in the group was eliminated.

Wells: Going to Cruzeiro is a dream I have dreamed of since I was young, but it is not my ultimate goal!

In 2009, the 20-year-old Wells made his debut in the World Championships and entered the final round of the qualifying round with three 10-9 tiebreakers, but he lost dramatically 9-10. Barry Hawkins. In the past two World Championships, he lost to Liam Highfield and Martin Gould in the final round of qualifying.

After experiencing home isolation to help fight the epidemic, Wells hopes that he can once again ignite morale and inspire himself to successfully welcome his debut in Cruze. The following is an interview with Wells at the World Snooker Tour (WST), and talk to him about the unique playing environment of the World Championship qualifiers and how he spent the home isolation period…

WST: Let me first talk about your experience in the Champions League, strict testing procedures and quarantine measures, etc.

DW (Daniel Wells): I think it’s very unreal. You must wear a mask before the test, and your personal belongings also need to be put away. It feels safe and it feels like another world. Last night, I could go directly to the hotel and wait until the test was over, but in fact I didn’t know how to go out after I moved in, so it’s not surprising that I’m not allowed to go out.

After that, all the news will be prompted by the broadcast, and it feels like they are doing a variety show. At first I received an email saying that there was a competition. I still didn’t believe it, so I just assumed it was going to training. But the actual performance on the game field is not satisfactory. In any case, it is a good thing to have a game.

My fiancee, Jody, works for the NHS (British National Health System), so I was a father and a mother during the home isolation period. She works as a pharmacist in the nephrology department, dispensing medicines for all critical kidney patients. The busyness there is so busy that I realize how hard the NHS is. It’s also good for me to spend so much time with my girl, even if it’s really not easy to coax her with a different trick, it’s even more so during the home isolation period.

WST: Will there be some negative emotions in snooker during the home isolation period, and feel at a loss as to when this fitness exercise will return to normal?

DW: Emotions are good and sometimes bad. Sometimes I feel really comfortable at home during the holidays. It is very difficult to be with my family. After all, I don’t have much time to spend with my daughter after I resume work, but there are still times when I am in chaos. I have never been at a loss in my life like this before. I wake up every day and stay in the house without any direction. Maybe everyone is the same. I am also extremely lucky. I have not encountered a confirmed case so far. people.

WST: Let’s say something lighthearted. You changed your new hairstyle to the Champions League and it was dyed gold. How do you understand?

DW: I just like this hair color, but the point is that I can’t go out for a haircut. Before the quarantine at home, I wanted to do it that way. I wanted to comb my hair back, but it was too long. So I shaved it completely at first, but it took too long to grow back.

My fiancée has never done any haircut to anyone, so she simply dyed it golden, so that she didn’t notice the minutiae that she hadn’t dealt with properly. In fact, I don’t really like the appearance now, but the isolation at home makes me crazy, and I can’t pick and choose!

WST: How do you feel about the qualifications for the World Championships?

DW: Actually it’s not very clear. I think most players are like this and can’t really practice their hand feel, so this will be a new start. It all depends on who reaches the best condition first. Many people have the ball to practice, and personally feel very good, but in fact the key is how you maintain a positive attitude after entering the game again.

I really like the World Championship qualifiers and enjoy this pressure. When I first played, I met Ian Pulis in the second round of the qualifying round. He and I were all fighting for relegation, and the loser would fall out of the professional game. I won with 10 to 9 and the final set was really under pressure. It’s big, but it was a good experience.

In the past two years I have performed very well in the second round, but ran out of “fuel” in the last round. Now with a new draw, I only need to win two games to enter the main race. I hope I can Successfully won the first victory, so that I can go to Cruze only by winning the second game.

WST: If you can seize the opportunity to make your debut in 2020, what does it mean to you?

DW: Every snooker player will tell you that this is our wish from our youth to the present. I realized many wishes, such as playing against top players on TV. If it is tortured and ugly and defeated badly, it will be embarrassing to go to the world’s largest snooker stage. I want to hear my name spread all over Cruzeiro, but it’s not my end to go there. the goal.

In the past, I often encountered some important moments, but it is not a good thing to let everyone see you playing so dizzy on the TV. Qualifying for the World Championships is an exercise. I will be very happy to be able to qualify, but I am definitely not going to make up for it, but looking forward to showing my true strength.


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