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Was the success in 2019 accidental? Gilbert will use his strength to prove it!

Gilbert’s performance this season can be described as a split into two. The latter half of the season because of his rapid decline in state, it can be said to be a “catastrophe.”

Last year’s World Championships, Gilbert entered the semifinals and almost broke a bigger upset in a close match with Higgins, which also created the foundation for him to keep the top 16 rankings. In that semi-final, Gilbert lost 16-17.

Was the success in 2019 accidental? Gilbert will use his strength to prove it!

Before reaching the semi-finals of the World Championships, Gilbert advanced to the ranking finals three times, but the championship was rare. Even so, many people still question whether he can maintain that level and continue to mix with other high-level seed players. Gilbert failed to qualify for this season’s opener in Riga, but then his record showed that his performance last year was indeed not lucky.

Gilbert’s performance in the quarter-finals of the China Championship and the World Open was impressive, and he also entered the British Open final in October. But Gilbert seems to have made everyone accustomed to his defeat at the last minute. He lost 1-9 to Selby. This is also the fourth time he has lost in the ranking finals, so everyone’s doubts about him continue.

The 39-year-old Gilbert lost to Selby again at the Scottish Open, but still got a chance to compete in the Masters. Just before that, there were signs that Gilbert’s season gradually began to make dramatic mistakes. After losing in the first round of the British Championship, the European and German Masters were all eliminated in the qualifying rounds. After losing to the final champion Bingham 2-6 in London, Gilbert had only won one game before the pneumonia epidemic. . In the World Grand Prix, the Welsh Open and the Players Championship were all eliminated in the first round, Gilbert’s performance was confusing.

In the first half of the 2020 World Championships, Gilbert is likely to meet Higgins, his old opponent in the semifinals of 2019. Much depends on his performance in the first round, because if he can have a good start, then the ending is likely to be good for him. Gilbert’s 2019 game is full of passion. If there is no live audience, it may be difficult to replicate that success this time.

Gilbert will focus on proving that last year’s victory was not an accident. 39-year-old Gilbert turned professional in 2002 and rushed to 10th when he was ranked the highest in the world. He has reached the ranking finals four times and scored 147 points twice.


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