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Boden: It doesn’t matter if no one cares about me playing, but racism needs to be resisted together!

Alfie Boden is the world’s first billiard player to resist racism on one knee before the game. He said that snooker should closely follow football and emphasize the boycott to the global audience during the snooker World Championships. The idea of crude racism.

Alfie Boden was originally an excellent youth player of Arsenal Football Club, but he had to give up his wish to become a professional football player due to a serious injury. In 1994, he picked up a billiard cue and started his snooker career. He once said “Failed to engage in the profession I love”, but also realized that I played billiards not only for myself, but also to become a part of a stronger force.

Boden: It doesn't matter if no one cares about me playing, but racism needs to be resisted together!

In May, the death of George Floyd sparked an anti-racism movement, and Borden knelt on one knee before the start of the game against Ryan Day when he played in the Champions League at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, England in June. A few seconds, then two fingers of the sky, to express support for the resistance to racism.

However, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, no spectators were allowed to attend the game. His approach failed to resonate with the audience, but it still triggered topical discussions. After the day of the game, everyone talked about Borden’s actions before the game. As for how he played the game, no one seemed to notice.

Boden explained: “I can’t always do it right, but for me, the key is to express my feelings. We are no different from other sports. Football players will express their thoughts and ours. Social development cannot accept racism, and the whole world cannot accept racism.”

“This is how I express this idea, and I will do what I think-I will still do that again.”

The postponement of the postponement of the World Championship will be held from July 31, 17 days to the end of August 16. Snooker has an ultimate platform that can follow the pace of the Premier League and make similar support moves. If there are colleagues who want to show “united as one” to nearly 500 million viewers around the world on the big stage of snooker, Borden may be very supportive.

He said: “I encourage all players to express their thoughts. Whether you support or resist, everyone can have their own opinions. You should not follow the crowd, have your own opinions and express your views, Snooker the same.”

“I might kneel on one knee again. This is because the fight against racism is still going on, and social development cannot accept racism! We have to show solidarity and love. I am very happy to express my thoughts, but I don’t want to be extravagant. Others, if anyone wants to express support, I will definitely support and encourage.”

Borden is a coach at Hendon FC, and his relative Lee Allison is responsible for the management of affairs outside the league. The 77th-ranked Boden in the world is ready to devote a lot of time and energy to football after the closing of the shot, but he is very Obviously teaching later generations to refuse to accept racism has become a long-term goal of his.

Londoner Borden said: “Racism still exists. Although I haven’t encountered this problem since I came to Hendon FC, it is obvious that I can see many real examples on social networks. Someone violent Ian. Wright (former Arsenal striker), he talked about it frankly and openly, but found out that the cyber violence against him was all 16 or 17-year-old children.”

“This has become an educational issue. Why do we want children to have that kind of perspective? This is really bad.”


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