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The World Championships will begin, Trump may meet Maguire again, can the world number one break the “curse”?

The last event of the 2019-20 season, and the most important event, the Snooker World Championship is about to begin. The world’s No. 1 Trump is undoubtedly the biggest favorite to win the championship. But if he wants to defend his title, he has a “defending champion curse” not long ago, and in the second round, he is very likely to encounter Stephen Ma, who defeated him not long ago in the Tour Championship and won the Tour Championship champion in the end. Quill.

This year’s Tour Championship just ended not long ago. Trump, as the biggest favorite to win the championship, participated in the competition, but he was defeated and eliminated by “substitute” Maguire in the semifinals, and he was hopeless to compete for the seventh ranking match of the season. champion. Tour Championship, because the 5-time World Championship champion and defending Tour Championship champion Ronnie O’Sullivan ranked only 17th in the world in a single season, so he did not have the opportunity to participate in this single season’s top 8 players. Can participate in the game, Trump is very likely to win the championship and then break the record.

The World Championships will begin, Trump may meet Maguire again, can the world number one break the "curse"?

In the first round (1/4 finals), Trump faced his opponent in the final of the 2019 World Championship-the 4-time World Championship champion “Wizard” John Higgins. Since defeating Higgins 18-9 in the final of the 2019 World Championships, Trump has achieved a 5-game winning streak against Higgins. For Trump, this match is not easy but very difficult. It is possible to win the game.

As a result of the game, Trump defeated Higgins 9-4 very quickly, advanced to the top 4 and entered the challenge for the championship. Later in the semifinals, he met Stephen Maguire, who replaced “China’s first brother” Ding Junhui in the competition. Maguire ranked ninth in the world in a single season. He didn’t have the chance to participate in the competition. It was only after Ding Junhui, who was ranked 5th in the world in a single season, opted out of the competition, he could participate in the competition as a substitute.

Surprisingly, this “substitute player” performed extremely well. In the quarter-finals, he scored six shots and broke 100. He defeated the favorite and the world’s second “Melbourne Machine” Neil Robertson 9-5, upset. Advance to the top 4. In the semi-finals, he broke even more upset, 9-6 and defeated Trump, the world’s No. 1 and biggest champion, and Trump’s dream of 7 championships was shattered.

The upcoming season replays the World Championship. Trump participated in the competition as the defending champion and was also a favorite. His personal goal is to become another player who can successfully defend his title after 2013. , To get rid of the so-called “championship curse.” However, judging from the draw, he and Maguire are in the same quarter, and they may meet in the second round. To win the championship, you need to pass the Maguire level first!


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