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Xingpai billiard table installation process and matters needing attention

 1、Confirmed total

Make sure the total number of goods and the outer packaging are intact

 2、Installation appointment

3 working days in advance

 3、Unloading at installation site

Professional installation technicians inspect the goods, unpack the goods, and video capture the whole process (the customer is not allowed to open the package without authorization, and the consequences are at his own risk)

 4、Installation professional technicians on-site installation

 5、Billiards acceptance and standards

1. Confirm that the overall table is installed

2. The level of the table, measured vertically and horizontally with a spirit level, with the blisters in the center

3. Storage edge flexibility

4. The edge and countertop are flat without wrinkles, and the tightness is moderate

5. Straight edges

6. The table is firm

7. The countertop and ground are clean and tidy

 6、Attachment acceptance

The accessories and list provided with the station are checked and confirmed by the installation technician and the customer, and signed

 7、Daily care and attention

1. The woolen cloth and helper cloth need to be cleaned with professional woolen cloth tools

2. The small helper needs to use 90% dry clean towel to wipe along the direction of the wool

3. The wood material part needs to be wiped with 90% dry clean towel, the effect of using wood care agent is better

4. When placing the ball, it needs to be gently placed on the table

5. The cue must be placed on the cue rack after each use

6. Do not place chocolate powder on the countertop

 8、Return visit to the initial installation of the table

Seven days to confirm the flatness of the countertop, 30 days for free leveling

 9、Shelf life

The wooden parts of the billiard table have a shelf life of one year, and the slate has a shelf life of half a year. During the warranty period, customers are not allowed to disassemble or move the billiard table by themselves, otherwise they will be responsible for themselves and the vulnerable parts will be repaired for a fee.

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